10 Amazing Diwali Decorative Diyas For Diwali

Diwali is the festival that marks new beginnings and the victory of light over darkness. We light up lamps and diyas to bring blessings into our lives. This year fight the darkness by lighting up different types of diyas in your home and celebrate the festival with your complete family.

We have curated a list of trending Decorative Diyas For Diwali that will further enhance the splendor of the festival and spread the light of joy and happiness.

1. Hanging Diyas

Talking of gifts, here we have the ultimate gift for Diwali. Hanging diyas are generally in this Bronze tone that gives a classic rustic feel. These fit especially well in the porch or in your worship room. These provide a spiritual ambience when lighted.

Ella Wall Decor Diya Holder

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2. Traditional Mitti Diya

The Classic diyas that have welcomed Lord Ram himself seems to be an eternal favourite! Simple yet magnificent, these mud diyas will never go out of fashion. Available in many designs, these serve as the authentic representation of Diyas on Diwali.

3. Colourful Diyas

If you are someone who likes to sprinkle a little colour, colorful diyas are here to save you. These are mud or metallic diyas, that are painted in mesmerizing colours and designs, and provide the much needed spark that will be essentially required this Diwali!

Elegant Blossom Lotus Akhand Diya

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4. Diya candles

For someone who finds the job of putting oil and wick in the traditional diyas to be a tedious task, these candles which are Tea Light candles shaped as diyas or enclosed inside a diya holder are a must buy!

5. Diya lamps

Diya lamps are perfect for people who want to go extra this Diwali. Tired of traditional diyas leaving their oily marks wherever they are kept? Then here is a way to stop that and modify them to give your Diwali decoration an edge over your neighbours. Available in bronze, silver and gold, these diya lamps also serve as great Diwali gifts!

Traditional Deepak Oil Lamp

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6. Rotating Diya

Can we move on without mentioning the wonders of technology? Rotating diya comprises a centre showpiece with diyas around it which are parked with LED lights, it works on battery and hence will save you a lot of time! These are also a one time buy which befriends you for years.

7. Brass Diya

For antique lovers, brass diyas are the perfect addition to ornate their Diwali. Brass diyas not only appeal to the eyes but also provide an essence of spirituality. Brass has been traditionally used in India for ages. Definitely a charming option this Diwali!

brass diya

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8. Floating Diya

Floating diyas are the most lovely embellishment one could add to their living room. The dazzling lights floating over the water look elegant. These look delightful when kept on the centre table of the living room. Surely, these will serve as the highlights of Diwali decoration in your home.

9. Crystal Embellished Diya

Crystals are known for their festive look, if you think of decorations you think of crystals! So, it is no surprise that crystal diyas are going to be in vogue this year.

Crystal Embellished Brass Diya

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10. Silver/Gold Plated Diya

Diyas not only serve as decorations for your house but also make for meaningful Diwali gifts. If you want to present someone with these, then silver or gold plated diyas will top the list. Just like the fireworks, these decorative diyas for Diwali also light up the surroundings with their shine!


Diwali is a delightful festival and is considered to bring in lots of hopes and eliminates all the negativity. All the above-mentioned diyas are also the perfect gift for your friends and family on this auspicious occasion. Spread the light of happiness and remember to light up your home with these decorative diyas.

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