11 Creative ideas for decorating Diyas on Diwali 2021

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals observed for five days where people light Diyas to overcome the darkness in our life. Deepavali is the “Festival Of Lights” where people lit earthen lamps filled with oil & brighten up their surroundings & home with dazzling light.

This year, Diwali will be celebrated on the 4th of November, 2021. This was the day when Lord Rama returned from his 14 years long Vanavasa. Why not commemorate the triumph of good over the Coronavirus which has stood up against us as evil this year? Well, have a glance over the best ideas for decorating Diyas making you fall in love with again and again.

1. Stylish Handcrafted Branched Diya T-Light Stand

Diwali is all about the glow of lights everywhere reflecting the true essence of our culture. Why not ornate our decor with the stylish masterpiece this Diwali? Here is an elegant t-light stand crafted to a perfectly dazzling Diya branching out its radiance in your life.

2. Enchanting Deepavali Traditional T-light Lamp

Offering a rustic look to your abode, this Diwali Diya online available only on DiwaliDecoration.com features 6 t-light holders attached to the strong base of the iron. What adds to the beauty of this lamp is its intricate design when lit up gives an amazing feel of the festival.

Enchanting Deepavali Traditional Tlight Lamp

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3. Golden Ganesha Statue on Golden Swan Boat

Add a dash of a unique class with this decor, surely one of the best ideas for decorating Diyas on this Diwali. Bring home the God of Wisdom & fill your Vastu with prosperity & happiness. Best as a gifting option, this artwork made from Polyresin is finished with a touch of golden hue.

4. Designer Brass Urli

DiwaliDecoration.com presents you with another Diwali Diya online that will light-up your festive mood. Yes, it’s none other than the designer Urli specially engraved on brass perfect to hold pretty flowers & scented candles enough to surprise your guests on Diwali.

5. Decorative Lotus Diya Colored Base

Available in six variant vibrant colors, this delicate Diya placed in the Lotus symbolizes the purity of the festive season. Suiting every corner of the home, this decor adorning your interiors also loos best when placed in the puja room.

Decorative Lotus Diya Colored Base

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6. Tangled Wire Yellow Hanging Led Light

Bring a smile on the face of your loved ones with this uniquely designed & presented as a simply stunning hanging light that everyone would love to own in their collection of decor. The LED lights fit for this hanging creates an amazing ambiance soothing your mind & body.

7. Beautiful Handmade Antique Brass Panchbhooti/ Aarti Lamp

If your love for antique decor cannot be measured, this masterpiece is perfect for you. Include this Aarti lamp featuring five leaf-shaped Diyas stained with gold-black. Providing a great grip to hold the Panchbhooti, the rear part of this lamp is ornated with a handmade Lotus made of brass.

8. Clay Candle Set

Finding it difficult to get something natural but classy in its own sense, don’t miss on this clay candle set which is one of the best ideas for decorating Diyas. Purely made of natural material, this glazing set with rose candles is decorated like a newly wedded bride with beads & mirrors.

Clay Candle Set

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9. Handcrafted Trikona T-light Holder

Occupying very little space, this triangle t-light holder made of iron ready add a glow & radiance on your face reflects its design when placed near the walls. Honoring the real essence of Diwali, this handcrafted Trikona t-holder is a remarkable gifting option.

10. Handcrafted Wooden Lantern

Doesn’t it look like this wooden lantern is designed by someone who just loves geometry? Shaped to perfection, this hexagonal lantern ready to hang outdoors or indoors reminds us of olden times. Roughly coated with the brown shade, this piece of art holds a glass in the center in which you can light-up the candle.

11. Decorative Scallop Golden Urli

Appears to be like the blooming Lotus in the pond, this Urli with Scallop pattern is available in various shapes offering you quite a good option to choose. When accompanied by the attractive florals & pretty candles, the beauty of this Urli is much more adorned.

Decorative Scallop Golden Urli

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Let the Diwali celebration be not only enjoyable & amazing but also something that will spread a message of victory over the bad to the generations & create a relation of love among each other.

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