Creative Ways to Celebrate Diwali

Diwali is just a few days away and many of us make our best efforts when it comes to preparation of the mouth-watering Faral along with the cleaning of our house and surroundings. Every house during this festival glows with the radiance of the Diyas for Diwali, where the family comes together and celebrates the essence of the festival. Filled with happiness, this auspicious festival will be observed on 16th November this year is celebrated in a unique way all over India, commemorating the “Victory of light over darkness”. gives you an offer to coordinate your house with the lovely collection of Diwali decoration items and Diyas for Diwali. Here are a few creative ways to enjoy the Diwali festival that contribute to the wellness of our Mother Nature.

● Say no to crackers -

We all have been learning that crackers are not good for your health and for nature as well. So when you are celebrating this festival, make sure that you do not cause any harm to the animals, as they face a disturbed nervous condition. Though there is a wide variety of eco-friendly crackers available in the market, they release pollutants in the environment.

Right from babies to old age people, all are affected by the loud blasting sound of the bombs or crackers you light-up. So, make sure that the celebration you enjoy is also enjoyed by the people around you. Instead, feed the street dogs or cats around you and try to make them feel safe in the midst of your celebration.

● Gift something special to your loved ones -

Gifts and Diwali go hand-in-hand. Every year we spend a lot of money on crackers, fireworks, and the typical boxes of Mithai to give to our loved ones. This year gift something that will stand out from the rest and make your friends and relatives feel special. Have a look at the customized Diwali gifts has to offer to you.

diwali gift box

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My Diwali Box and other customized sets of boxes encompass all the standard items of Lakshmi Pooja. The Petite Beautiful Colorful Diwali Pooja Box brings you pretty idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi along with T-lights, Dhoop Cones, Kumkum, and Akshat rice. Gift your near and dear ones with something really special with no hassles in delivery and payment.

● Go for creative floral rangoli -

Rangoli is something that allures the beauty of every festival of the Indian tradition. There are many designs, patterns, and styles of floral as well as powdered Rangoli designs available online. Choose the best Rangoli and complement it with the Diyas for Diwali, available on at pocket-friendly prices. The Crystal Studded Brass Diya, Artistic Crystal Bead Candle, Handcrafted Lotus T-Light Candle Holder, and much more Diwali decor items light-up every festive mood.

Along with the organic colors made out of turmeric, roses, lotus, etc., you can also go for Rangolis made from different flowers discarded by the florists. Being completely natural and non-toxic, these flower Rangolis keep the surroundings bright. The reflection of the flickering Diwali lights playing with the charming Rangoli will make your heart pound with happiness.

● Decorate your house with Diwali lights -

Diyas for Diwali or Diwali lights are the USP of Diwali which is the ‘festival of lights’. It is said that a row of Diyas was lit-up to celebrate the glory of Lord Rama who killed the demon Raavan. Be it a Diya made from the eco-friendly material, clay, or even terracotta, these materials are recyclable and last for a longer period of time.

Our Captivating Leafy Brass Finished Urli/Floater, Aamrapali Peacock T-light Stand, Traditional Peacock Style LED Diya, Handcrafted Makhruti Hanging T-light Holder, and Enchanting Deepavali Traditional T-light Lamp featuring intricate designs never fail to adorn any corner of your house. Ready to arrest your heart, these decor items honor the essence of the festival and prove to be the best Diwali gifts.

● Help your mother in the kitchen -

When we talk or hear about Diwali, what strikes our mind is the luscious Mithai and the delicious Faral showcasing a wide variety of sweet and spicy snacks. Prepared on a large scale, these dishes are circulated among the neighbors, friends, and relatives. Helping mother in making some of the quintessential dishes of Diwali and serving them would be one of the greatest Diwali gifts to your mother at this festival.

Try making the dairy sweets at your home and escalate the sweetness in your relationship waving off a ‘bye’ to the bitterness in you. Doing so will not only help you learn new things and get creative but also cut-down your calories thereby not increasing your waistline.

● Help the less fortunate -

Diwali festival is not that special and enjoyable for those families who cannot afford new clothes, sweets, or luxury items. This festival is not only about spreading joy among the family or blood relations but also the maids, servants, gardeners, sweepers, etc. Collect those clothes that you no longer wear or do not fit you and donate it to those people who are in need of them.

If you wish to give your toys to the underprivileged children you see around you, wrap them in a presentable manner, and make them feel special. In addition, books, gadgets, stationery items, Faral, Diwali decoration items, and something that would be of use to them can also be donated.

● Enjoy playing games and indulge in get-together -

In recent years it is observed that none of us are spending time with our family and are busy chasing our careers or jobs. Diwali festival gives us a chance to come together, spend quality time, and celebrate this festive occasion with love. Flourish the bonding between you and your parents by the way of playing games, planning a short picnic, drawing rangolis, making sweets, and adorning your hands with Mehendi.

This festive season does not miss a single opportunity to go creative in celebrating Diwali. Enjoy the music and learn more about the festival from your grandparents. These small things are what bring you closer and understand the importance of your family members in your life.

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