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The essence of Diwali is the light in the dark to show that the good always overpowers the evil. Keeping this in mind, Diwali Decorations by has come out with a variety of tea light holders, mitti ka diya, and other designer diya for Diwali that you can take a look at if you want to spread the warm ambient in your home.

Tea Light Holders:

When it comes to Tea Light holders, there are some beautiful embellishing designs that can work as a great crystal showpiece and as a great puja accessory. Either way, these tea light holders will give you a calm and soothing feeling and radiate a positive light. 

Tea light candle holders:

Tea light candle holders are available in various finishes ranging from brass to copper, each with their own intricately handcrafted designs. These designs could be in the shape of a lotus that you can keep in the center of your table to have a tealight holder stand that supports the candle with a beautiful backdrop that layers the wall. Depending on your budget and house environment, you can have your selection depending on the width and height of these ornaments which you would want.

An added advantage when selecting your tealight holder is that most of these designs even come in a pair! This way you pay for one but you get the benefit of two. Individual electric diyas online can also be used with these tea light candle holders.

Mitti ka Diya:

While these holders have become quite the luxury trend to put in one’s home, a more traditional and eco-friendly way to celebrate the festival by some people is to stick to either the electric diyas online or clay diyas online which are available. Mitti ka diya is also another alternative to the clay ones. The LED diyas are even coming in a layer of tiers that make for a very homely and aesthetical feel, giving it the right Diwali aura to you and your loved ones.

These are some of the more natural ways to celebrate this auspicious festival and time is going, more and more people are becoming inclined to using these biodegradable products. The Diwali diya online is the safest way to have a happy Diwali considering this pandemic.

Designer Diyas:

One need not fret though since all these have also started coming under the category of designer diyas for Diwali. They have stunning handcrafted work, with each design being unique only to you and for you. The various electric diya online also come in a variety of colors which can be hassle-free and be used in a cool environment too. Working as a showpiece they can add some element to your overall home/office.

Brass Diyas:

When it comes to a more minimal and warm form of giving out light, one might consider the brass diyas online which come in beautiful shapes in sizes. For further exclusivity, Diwali Decorations offer a lantern, peacock, and antique aarti shapes that will look rich and add a flair of elegance at the puja area.

End of the day it is all about spreading joy and light and this can be achieved in various little ways. While this pandemic has been hard on us, it does not mean that one should lose out on pampering their home and loved ones. With the ease in access for the Diwali diya online, one makes sure that their loved one receives some from you as well. Promising you a happy and safe Diwali, Diwali Decorations is sure to add the light you need. Visit online website today and pick your ideal Diwali diyas!

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